Java Virtual Petrographic Microscope

a free virtual petrographic microscope application which allows users to examine and explore minerals and rocks features

version 2013.09.15

jVPM makes mineralogy to be easier to examine a thin section and to understand the characteristic properties for each mineral without a petrographic microscope, which is known to be very expensive.

It is mainly addressed to students as a guide in individual or supervised laboratory work.

See the following jVPM demo movie with most features enabled.

Works fine with:

  • all Windows version: Windows 7, Windows Vista and XP
  • a good internet connection: At least 14 Mb/s
  • Java installed on your PC: JRE version 1.7 or later

Check the installation steps and the changelog to learn about features introduced with each version.

jVPM Features

There are a lot of features which gives the students a good understanding of practical experience for distinguishing minerals by their optical properties.

Some of the features:

  • 360 degrees interactive movement of the plates;
  • properties of each mineral;
  • a ternary plot which is the way to classify igneous rocks;
  • "Identify" function which is a logical flow chart of the minerals properties under petrographic microscope;
  • entries are fully searchable.

jVPM License

jVPM is licensed under the terms and conditions of the End User License Agreement (EULA).